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Cena:7.658,30 RSD

INSTRUMENT UT-203 klesta (ACA/DCA+AVO+Hz)    

Type of meter     AC/DC digital clamp meter     
Max. diameter of measured cable     26mm     
Kind of display used     LCD (3999)     
DC current measuring range     40/400A     
DC current measuring accuracy     ±(2% + 3 digits)     
AC current measuring range     40/400A     
AC current measuring accuracy     ±(2,5% + 5 digits)     
DC voltage measuring range     0,01m...400m/4/40/400/600V     
DC voltage measuring accuracy     ±(0,8% + 1 digit)     
AC voltage measuring range     0,001...4/40/400/600V     
AC voltage measuring accuracy     ±(1% + 5 digits)     
Resistance measuring range     0,1...400/4k/40k/400k/4M/40M?     
Resistance measuring accuracy     ±(1% + 2 digits)     
Frequency measuring range     10...1MHz     
Duty cycle factor     0.1...99.9%     
Continuity test     acoustic signal for R<10?     
Diode test     yes     
Pollution degree     2     
Dimensions     208x76x30mm     
Weight with battery     260g     
Power supply     1 battery 9V 6F22     
Measurement     AC current, AC voltage, continuity, DC current, DC voltage, duty cycle, frequency, resistance     
Conform to the norm     EN61010 300V CAT III, EN61010 600V CAT II

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